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deliver your Live and OnDemand video with webcastcloud

webcastcloud's australian based services allows our clients to have their own mediasite without the hassle of managing their own infrastructure.

Offering a simple to use web-interface, and video playback supporting the latest generation features, your organisation will be able to regularly upload your video messages, to deliver to your live and ondemand audience simply, easily and effectively.


go hybrid with webcastcloud's event services

Realise the benefits of webcasting your next conference or meeting with webcastcloud. Use hybrid events to reach people who cannot be present, boost exposure for your organisation, sponsor and speakers, and generate a proven return on investment through new revenue streams.

Deliver your hybrid event to those who could not attend, or thosw who attended and want to review sessions they may have missed.

lecture capture & academic webcasting

1000+ universities and educations institutions trust the mediasite webcast platform – more than any other lecture capture system. 

In a Mediasite classroom, instructors teach. That’s it.

No training, no software downloads, no need for faculty members to push a single button.
Mediasite is a purpose-built, appliance-based platform for lecture capture. It features an automated workflow to record, deliver, manage, search and track video-based instruction.

webcast your next event

High-Quality webcasting technology with high-touch webcasting services, ensure event success.

The best meeting professionals and event production companies use the Mediasite platform and our Mediasite event webcasting services to create hybrid events, virtual conferences and other online meetings.

Why do they trust us? Because our high-quality and high-touch webcasting services are the easiest and most reliable way to take your event online.

over 2000 organisations world-wide use mediasite 

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